Final Fantasy XV – Square Enix gives us all the things


On March 30, 2016 Square Enix held a conference called Uncovered:Final Fantasy XV to give fans and newcomers alike a deep dive look into what the newest game in the venerable series was all about. You can watch a recording of the livestream on YouTube. The highlights for me were the above “Reclaim your throne” trailer, and the introduction of the new Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo. The hype is back. The combat looks fun and interactive, the story looks all epic and “feelsy” like the classic FF games of the past. The usage of the Florence and the Machines cover of Stand By Me seems well placed, and its a pretty good cover. It’s not lost on me that Stand By Me was an 80s movie about 4 boys on a road trip, and this game is about 4 bros on a road trip. Well played Square Enix, well played. The trailer for the new demo is below. It looks both fun and interesting, allowing you to explore the game’s combat systems before the actual game comes out on September 30th of this year.